CURAE Finance

Published in Vendor Partners on October 22, 2018

CURAE Finance is a financing product aimed at empowering medical providers of all types to help patients afford the care and equipment they need, when they need it. CURAE Finance helps the health care industry solve the critical issue of large out-of-pocket expenses patients face by giving them flexible payment options. CURAE Finance is the nation’s only company offering non-recourse financing solutions to health care providers and the patients they serve across the entire credit spectrum from prime to subprime credit profiles.

CURAE Finance uses an online application portal that includes a one-minute process, with offers made to approved patients within seconds. This solution enables the treatment of patients the day they apply, and the provider receives up to 100 percent of the patient pay responsibility within 48 hours. CURAE Finance is delivered in multiple tiers. These tiers offer a wide variety of flexible term options, with options to assist patients with more challenging credit profiles. 

CURAE Finance's financing solution is available to a broad array of providers, from large hospital systems to the individual practice. CURAE Finance is designed to address traditional deductibles and high out-of-pocket expenses that patients face today. In addition, CURAE Finance serves elective markets that carry high out-of-pocket services, such as home medical equipment, dentists, audiologists, and surgeons in cosmetic, eye, orthopedic, and acute other disciplines. 

Beyond the benefit of supplying patients with a viable payment option for their health care needs, CURAE Finance also brings providers meaningful benefits. Providers will not have to expend valuable resources on billing, processing, or collecting from patients using CURAE Finance, and they will not be responsible for any patient defaults. Further, once approved for CURAE Finance, patients can use their revolving line of credit for future purchases with their health care provider.

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