HIPAA Compliance - Learn How Rectangle Health Can Protect Patient Data

Published in Vendor Partners on April 23, 2019

HIPAA regulates the disclosure of individuals’ health information – also called protected health information (PHI). PHI covers all “individually identifiable health information,” which includes demographic information such as name, address, and credit card numbers.

In addition to complying with all HIPAA regulations, Rectangle Health is proud to be Payment Card Industry (PCI) certified. PCI Certification demonstrates the gold standard of credit card security and encompasses rigorous measures to protect data in physical and virtual environments. Every business that deals with patients needs to be aware of HIPAA compliance because a violation can be as simple as sending a receipt to the wrong person.

Rectangle health benefits:

  • Address Verification System – Our AVS compares the billing address to the address on file at the financial institution that issued the credit card and ensures the details of the transaction are sent to the correct address, if mailed.
  • Point‐to‐Point Encryption – P2PE encodes payment data from the moment the card is used until it reaches the payment processor, making it unreadable to third parties.
  • Tokenization – This security method turns card numbers into tokens – randomly generated sets of numbers meaningful only to the card processor.
  • Fraud Monitoring – Trained risk management experts monitor transactions so that the safety and security of every transaction are guaranteed.

How to ensure HIPAA compliance in your office:

  • Train personnel involved in medical transactions to appropriately handle PHI.
  • Discourage/ban the practice of writing down credit card numbers.
  • Confirm statements and receipts are sent to the correct party.
  • Only take necessary payment information.
  • Ask partners/vendors to sign a BAA (Business Associate Agreement) which creates a bond of liability for both parties.
  • Require HIPAA compliance from all vendors.

Rectangle Health can provide your practice a full‐service processing solution that can save you time and money. Rectangle Health has more than 25 years of experience providing secure and compliant health care payment technology solutions. We recognize you need a credit card processing company that truly cares about your practice and provides the tools necessary to help you get paid, while preserving and enhancing your relationship with your patients.

We offer:

  • Quicker access to cash
  • Frictionless patient payment experience
  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced liability concerns

To learn more, visit www.rectanglehealth.com.

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