VGM Welcomes Aurora Manufacturing

Published in Vendor Partners on January 22, 2019

Aurora Manufacturing is working in conjunction with VGM to provide air fluidized therapy (AFT) beds to their national membership. If you are presently marketing wound care services to your referrals, you owe it to yourself to investigate the HydroAire™ air fluidized therapy or Group 3 bed by Aurora Manufacturing.

AFT beds have been used successfully for more than 40 years for the treatment of non-healing stage 3 and 4 pressure wounds for institutional and home care use. Most wound care professionals agree that these beds are the “gold standard” for support surfaces because they reduce interface pressure better than any other surface. Because of this, many insurance companies provide some of the highest DME reimbursement for this bed category, which is HCPCS code E0194. 

Aurora’s owners have DME dealer and manufacturing experience and can assist your company with reimbursement of the product through third party insurers. We also assist dealers with training your sales staff, identifying where to target your marketing, and understanding what documentation is needed to produce successful claims. In addition, we will train your operations staff on how to maintain the beds in order to keep a fleet of beds running for years.

Dealers who are presently providing Group 2 support surfaces or negative pressure wound therapy services should especially take time to see how this product will help elevate your image in the eyes of referral sources. Patients on Group 2 surfaces can be routinely upgraded to a Group 3 by showing no improvement in healing or worsening in their wounds.

Accessing these beds has been almost impossible in the past, but VGM and Aurora now are working together to make these beds available to your company. See how adding the HydroAire™ AFT bed can provide your referrals with the best outcomes while increasing your bottom line. 

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