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Lindy Tentinger

Senior Leadership, VGM & Associates

Lindy Tentinger is the President of VGM & Associates. She began her career with VGM in 2017 and most recently served as president of VGM Forbin/forbinfi, which provides digital marketing solutions, as well as IT and security/compliance services to businesses, with a focus on the HME and financial industries. Prior to this, she served as senior vice president of marketing for VGM & Associates.

Tentinger is a well-recognized face and name within the HME industry. Throughout her career, Tentinger has immersed herself in HME, with a passion for advancing and elevating the industry as a whole. She is also an established thought leader on a number of topics, including branding, technology, and leadership, and regularly speaks at various industry conferences and authors articles for publication. She holds a B.A. in electronic media from Wartburg College and an MBA with a marketing concentration from Bellevue University.

Employee Owner Since 2017