Sleep Services

About the Program

Sleep Services is a CPAP set up and compliance program that aims to create relationships with patients for ongoing care and success. This program helps our members with staffing, revenue, and patient compliance. By using Sleep Services as their outsourced clinical service, the member/provider can be more efficient and reduce costs as opposed to hiring additional clinicians. Sleep Services provides more efficiency and higher compliance rates.


Outsource Your Clinical Service. Offset your costs instead of hiring additional clinicians. VGM Sleep Services...

  • Can address the challenge that staffing presents all providers today.
  • Offer an ala carte list of services, including onboarding, set up, and compliance.
  • Can help you offset cost, increase profits, and provide a fixed cost to manage PAP patient.
  • Work with your patients from set-up through compliance.
  • Offer bi-directional communication (schedule a call, live chat, and select their preferred method of communications).
  • Assigns each patient their personal patient care coordinator who they will work with them through compliance journey.
  • Provide a no touch, no inventory solution for providers incorporating our VGM Fulfillment team.


Team Members

“VGM Sleep Services is the right service at the right time for UW Health Care Direct. The VGM respiratory therapists are knowledgeable, professional and relatable and feel like a natural extension of our team. VGM staff made the road trip to Madison, Wisconsin to meet with our staff, understand our expectations and learn our process. We have been very pleased and impressed with their engagement, input and adaptability to adjust the workflows. This partnership with VGM has allowed us to accelerate provision of needed PAP therapy to our patients and scale our team to expand our services.” Vira Binnar, Respiratory Care Manager
Mia Vang, Respiratory Care Program Coordinator
UW Health Care Direct