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Established in 1986, VGM & Associates is the nation’s largest and most comprehensive member service organization for HME providers.

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With a combined 150 years of DMEPOS experience and regional “know how,” VGM provides each member with a dedicated account manager. From navigating VGM’s labyrinth of services and membership communities to understanding the national and regional industry landscape, your  account manager’s top priority is seeing  your business succeed

Being a member means having access to resources that will help your business thrive.

  • VGM helps connect our members to opportunities such as peer-to-peer networking, expert business consulting, and vast resource libraries.
  • Our team anticipates the future needs of its members and figures out a way to provide the best product or services either internally or through one or our trusted supplier partners. 
  • VGM identifies key growth areas and opportunities to help drive leads to your business. 
  • Our experts fight for your business on state and national levels to help you navigate the complexities of regulatory rules and laws that impact what you do every day.

Our most successful members take full advantage of all of the offerings available to them through their membership

Respiratory & Sleep

VGM Respiratory is an end-to-end business solution that is available to VGM members who either specialize in providing respiratory-related equipment to their patients or would like to add a new service to their business.

Wound Care

Skin health affects every single customer an HME provider works with. VGM Wound Care has the tools and solutions for the HME to thrive in the wound care market. Whether you are just entering the wound care market or looking to grow your business, the VGM Wound Care Program has the resources you need to be successful.


VGM Membership communities connect over 2,500 members to valuable resources and growth opportunities


Our members represent nearly 7,000 nationwide locations


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Therapeutic Support Surfaces: Diving Into the Business of Group 3 Air Fluidized Beds thumbnail Therapeutic Support Surfaces: Diving Into the Business of Group 3 Air Fluidized Beds If Group 3 air fluidized beds are so needed, why isn't anyone diving into the business? If you are providing wound care in your DME business, adding air fluidized therapy beds to your mix is a great way to help serve your patients as well as increase your revenue. CGMs and the Diabetic Market thumbnail CGMs and the Diabetic Market Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) continues to be a hot topic in the wound care space. In a podcast by Industry Matters, Wayne van Halem, president of The van Halem Group, and Joseph Ault, sales manager for GEMCO, discuss CGM audits, qualifications for reimbursement and documentation, as well as the opportunities in the diabetic market. National Respiratory Care Week: Opportunities in the Respiratory Community thumbnail National Respiratory Care Week: Opportunities in the Respiratory Community National Respiratory Care Week is Oct. 23-29, 2022, and Boone Lockard, Director of VGM Respiratory, shared his thoughts on the trends and opportunities he sees happening in the respiratory community. Wound Care and Compression: The Basics thumbnail Wound Care and Compression: The Basics Within the wound care space are many different types of compression that can be used to manage wounds. When looking at which type to use, it depends a great deal on the person's disease state. The disease state we see most is venous disease. Optimizing Inventory with Trace Medical thumbnail Optimizing Inventory with Trace Medical In this episode of Industry Matters, learn about Trace Medical's history and growth to the ventilator rental company in the U.S., how they navigated COVID-19, and why you should be looking to Trace Medical to help optimize inventory, take advantage of asset flexibility, and increase EBIDTA margins. Is a Global PAP Shortage Enough to Make You Diversify Your Business? thumbnail Is a Global PAP Shortage Enough to Make You Diversify Your Business? Can your business continue to weather the global PAP shortage, and if so, for how long? Are you losing referrals to other providers that can source PAP devices? Now is the time to take advantage of an emerging market: home ventilation. You don't want to miss the buck on this opportunity. Emerging Market Trend: Bariatrics thumbnail Emerging Market Trend: Bariatrics Providers don't have to offer everything at once. They are likely already serving bariatric patients. Simply asking them about the areas they need assistance will determine the best starting point. From there, just keep listening to the patients and focus on serving their needs. That's where the opportunity is. Positive Trends and Getting a Win in HME thumbnail Positive Trends and Getting a Win in HME Boone Lockard, director of VGM Respiratory, explains why there's a light at the end of the tunnel for the CPAP market, how the new NCD for oxygen will be a “big win,” and why there's promise in resurging value-based care models in a recent interview with HME News.