Together We Will

VGM Government Relations makes sure VGM Members' voices are heard from their own back yards to the steps of congress.

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Together We Will

"Together: Cooperative and surrounded by friends, together is never alone. Together is an adverb indicating when two or more people or things that are with each other—assembled in a group or united in goals."

United in goals. United in voice. United on industry issues.

TOGETHER, VGM Government Relations is united with YOU. TOGETHER, WE WILL continue to make the HME industry strong. TOGETHER, WE WILL help your business grow. TOGETHER, WE WILL support industry issues.

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State, Legislative, & Regulatory Influence

VGM Government Relations is relentlessly fighting for your industry every day. The team helps members navigate the complexities of the legislative process and regulatory rules, so you have the freedom to focus on your business -- with the peace of mind that VGM is making sure your voice is heard. In fact, in the last year, the VGM Government Relations team traveled nearly 500,000 miles in an effort to help members. 

VGM is Committed to the Industry

The HME industry plays an integral role in the lives of millions of Americans. CMS audits and competitive bidding policies are challenging HME businesses large and small, forcing patients to do without the products and services they need.

We Commend the Work of State Associations and Seek to Support Them in Every Way

VGM believes state associations play an integral role in the health of our industry. We make every effort to provide resources and speakers to seasonal conferences throughout the country. Many of our VGM associates serve on the board of directors of their regional state association, proudly working to improve provider engagement, educational opportunities, and the strengthen of state associations in their states.

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