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Stephanie Williams

Sleep Services Care Coordinator
VGM & Associates, Sleep Services

Steph Williams started at VGM in June of 2023 with VGM & Associates. Prior to working for VGM, she worked for a local DME for three years as the rehab and delivery tech and set up hospice patients with their needed equipment. She graduated from NIACC with her AA and AS degrees. She then transferred to the University of Northern Iowa and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Movement and Exercise Science with an emphasis in Sport Psychology and Sport Marketing and a minor in Coaching. 

Outside of work, Steph likes to be outdoors, whether that is fishing, hiking, kayaking, helping on the family farm, or just going for a run. Steph is also a big sports enthusiast and watches about every sport there is. She also enjoys traveling and spending time with her family as well as her fiancé, Alex and their dog, Kobe. 

Employee Owner Since 2023