What Is FEAT?

The VGM & Associates group of companies is dedicated to ensuring that all Medicare beneficiaries receive Home Healthcare, HME, Rehab, and O&P services at a professional level and equipment of the highest quality possible. We believe the integrity of our industry must be upheld. At the same time, those operating in an illegal or unethical manner must be rooted out.

Our efforts to maintain an ethical society within the Home Healthcare industry has led to the formation of the Fraud Eradication Advisory Team, or FEAT. VGM, in conjunction with a group of industry stakeholders and an advisory council of consultants, is taking a collaborative approach to combating HME fraud and abuse.

FEAT will operate as a sounding board for all (including state associations, advocacy groups, manufacturers, providers and beneficiaries) to assist the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) in its task of rooting out the criminals that are robbing our government of precious healthcare benefit dollars.

To aid in this fight we have created an electronic reporting tool for use in conveying information about suspected fraud or abuse of the Medicare program. Medicare is a federally funded program created for your healthcare benefit. Fraudulent activities not only steal from the government, but from you as a taxpaying citizen.

This program is “user friendly” and all submissions remain confidential.

If you suspect a supplier, physician, clinician, manufacturer or other entity is committing and act of fraud against Medicare, we ask that you take action and report them now!