How many times will VGM contact a patient for their PAP setup?
The VGM clinical team will make as many attempts as defined by the policy and procedures of the provider to make contact with patient.

What is discussed on the first call?
On the first call, VGM will schedule the patients' onboarding and setup time. As part of the onboarding and setup call, the VGM team will learn “the why” of how the patient ended up on CPAP. Additionally, they will discuss goals and objectives for the patient in beginning their PAP journey. After the onboarding discussion, our clinical team will provide education on PAP therapy/sleep apnea and provide direction of how to unbox their PAP machine. We will also provide links on how to place/wear their mask. These instructions can also be emailed after the first call.

What is discussed on the second call? 
The second call is typically scheduled within one week of patient beginning therapy. By this time, the patient should have used their PAP for multiple nights. Our Patient Care Coordinator will address any questions the patient might have and provide any coaching necessary. Additional follow up calls can be scheduled if the patient is struggling with any aspect of their therapy.

What if the provider does not have links for education and sleep therapy products to send the patient?
No problem! VGM can provide education and products links if needed.

What if a patient needs a mask fitting after their Virtual set up?
VGM will contact the provider and notify them of the need. This can be done by email or through the ERP system of the provider.

What happens if VGM is not able to contact the patient?
VGM will make multiple attempts (defined by the provider) to contact patients. At that time, we inform the provider and there is no charge for services.

What does VGM need from the DME to start the process?
VGM will need a signed Provider Agreement, PAP re-supply list, cleaning Instructions, and links used for education on mask and machine (if this is something you do not have, no worries VGM can provide them). We will also need a meeting with the provider’s clinical team to review policies and procedures. Additionally, VGM will potentially need access to the providers ERP system so that our team can share notes from their interactions with the patient.

How do we notify VGM of patient list for PAP set up or compliance calls?
The provider can send patient information in the template provided by VGM. Additionally, depending on the ERP system the provider is using, the provider can notify VGM of new patients. VGM is happy to jump into the process of your choice.

Does VGM contact patients for Compliance?
Yes! We will contact them 48 hours after setup, then continue to monitor them weekly until patient is compliant. Once the patient is compliant, we will add our notes into the providers ERP system

Does VGM contact patients for compliance if they did not do the set up?
Yes! VGM can take care of compliance calls even if VGM did not complete the set up.

How many times does VGM contact the patient during the compliance service?
Once a patient is set up, we will monitor their data from the device. If they are doing well, we will reach out to them one week after setup. On that call we will document their compliance questions, schedule their next follow-up date, and continue to monitor them weekly. Once compliance requirements are met, we will then upload notes into provider’s ERP system. If the patient is having difficulty with PAP therapy, we will contact as necessary until the patient’s concerns are resolved and patient is meeting compliance requirement

What does a compliance call from VGM entail?
VGM has a list of questions to use, or based on the providers’ policies and procedures, we can use the provider’s template. In most cases, the Patient Care Coordinator is coaching the patient through their specific issue or question.

What if the patient is non-compliant and wants to return their machine?
VGM will continue to contact the patient throughout the 90-day compliance period. If the patient is not willing to engage, or is unwilling to use the PAP, VGM would notify patient to contact DME for their return and email DME to reach out to patient and schedule a PAP pick up.