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Dan Fedor

Director, Reimbursement and Education
U.S. Rehab

Dan Fedor has been in the HME industry for more than 25 years and currently serves as the compliance director for VGM and US Rehab members. He is available to assist members with documentation requirements, audits, and compliance for mobility products. He is a graduate of Penn State University where he earned a BS in Economics with a Business minor. Dan joined VGM in 2014, and before that, was the director of Education and Compliance for Pride Mobility Products Corp. for 13 years. Prior to joining Pride, Dan served as a senior manager for Professional Relations and Electronic Data Interchange for the Jurisdiction A DME MAC (United Healthcare) for nearly six years. You can connect with Dan via email at dan.fedor@vgm.com or follow him on LinkedIn.   

Employee Owner Since 2014