VGM Therapy is a membership community built to bring significant value, business resources, and leverage to therapy practices across the country. Our mission is to help practices SAVE money on expenses, PROTECT against devastating circumstances, and CREATE growth opportunities to increase revenue.

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The Value of Membership


It's not easy to put a price tag on the true value of a VGM Therapy membership. As a Therapy member, you gain access to a marketplace that's designed to make it easy for VGM you to run your business-not only day today, but with strategic planning for the future.
We continually invest in experts who understand and have years of experience in the therapy industry. They are dedicated to researching and understanding market dynamics to give YOU a competitive advantage and help you exceed profitability goals and service levels
for your patients.

While there isn't a number calculated that proves the true impact of membership on your business and employees, illustrated above is a conservative example of what a member might access in an average a year of membership. As you can see, on average, VGM Therapy members are realizing nearly 20 times the value in savings of the actual membership dues they are paying. 

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