Economic Stimulus Programs - COVID-19 Resource Tool

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and especially since the government began releasing details of various programs that they were offering through their various stimulus packages, there has been a flood of information coming at all of us. The government has released three separate stimulus packages with multiple programs and features embedded within each one, many of which are designed to provide economic relief to businesses that are being impacted negatively by COVID-19.

It would be a rather daunting task to keep track of all of these changes during a period of regularity or when everything is “normal.” However, all of this is happening during a period of virtual chaos, while many of us have staff that are either stretched thin by their day to day demands, or are potentially out sick or staying home for some reason related to the pandemic. For those of you who do business in areas that are considered to be hot spots for COVID-19, it's also a period of increased demand for certain types of equipment. All said, your inboxes have likely been inundated with various updates about all of this. Each day more information is made available, some of which adds to or clarifies what came out the day before. There may have even been information along the way that contradicts or appears to contradict similar information from another source.

VGM would like to help you, and we have created a tool that serves as a summary of the various programs that have been unveiled in the past few weeks, and that are designed to offer assistance to businesses during this pandemic. Our intention is to provide a quick summary level description of six main programs, with supplemental information provided in case you want to dive deeper into any of them.

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