VGM Homelink

Next time you receive an out of network referral say "Yes, we can" with Homelink's Provider Direct Orders.

Turning referrals from out of network to in network is as easy as...

  1. Call, fax or e-mail the referral into Homelink.
  2. Homelink will call the insurance company to verify benefits, eligibility and network status.
  3. Homelink will review reimbursement rates with you, the provider. Once rates are approved, an order confirmation is sent, and the provider proceeds with the order.
  4. Homelink will confirm delivery and the provider submits the bill to Homelink with supporting documentation.
  5. Homelink bills both the insurance company and the patient portion.
  6. The provider is reimbursed by Homelink after we receive payment.

If Homelink is not in-network, we will notify you with additional options. For more information visit or complete the form on the right side of this page.