Referral Lead Generation

Access to the largest DME claims database in the country

What can VGM Market Data do for you?

Identify key growth opportunities with the insights of VGM Market Data, the nation’s largest and most comprehensive DME claims database.

Identify a baseline for total referrals from high-ranking physicians and what percentage of their referrals go to you and your competitors. Simple math will determine what that number means to you in terms of revenue and if you should seek more of their referrals.

Start a sleep lab or home sleep testing

Market data can tell you which physicians are ordering home or in-lab sleep testing, allowing you a direct outlet to jumpstarting your new home sleep business. Focus your sales teams on the top-ordering physicians and convert in-lab studies to home sleep, or consider working with a physician to set up a home sleep program specifically for his patients.

Spread the word about your O2 and COPD outcomes program

Market your oxygen therapy outcomes to physicians who refer the most oxygen. Market data can tell you which hospitals are diagnosing the most patients with COPD, the average length of stay, readmission rates, institutional discharge dynamics and much more.

PlayMaker CRM: Easier contact growth and referral management

Pair the PlayMaker CRM with Market Data’s industry-leading referral source data to grow your business. Features include the following:

  • Manage your accounts, contacts, referrals, events and expenses
  • Integrate VGM Market Data into PlayMaker’s innovative TargetWatch interface to identify, target and track contacts with high-value practitioners in your market
  • Increase sales & administrative efficiency

To learn more about how Playmaker CRM and VGM Market Data can benefit your business visit or call 844-236-4022.