Led by industry-expert Dave Lyman, VGM Respiratory is an invaluable program for those serving the needs of respiratory and sleep patients.

Whether you’re already involved with one ore more products, or you’re looking for new opportunities to explore, VGM’s program has the resources to help you grow or get started.

We’ve organized respiratory DME into several programs to form a specialized community, VGM Respiratory. Each program contains its own full line of offerings, such as business resources, profitability calculators, billing tips, policies and procedures, and much more to ensure members succeed no matter what equipment they provide. Our programs include:

  • Oxygen equipment
  • Sleep therapy
  • Non-invasive and invasive ventilation equipment
  • Trach supplies
  • Nebulizers/airway clearance
  • Pediatric services

The goal of the programs is to help respiratory providers get the resources they need to build profitable programs.

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