Why Patients Who Want Choice Choose DreamWear

Published in Home Medical Equipment on March 02, 2020


Philips Respironics was the first to market with a complete tube-on-top family of products for CPAP therapy. The modular design of the DreamWear fits over 95% of patients with one mask platform that can accommodate nasal, full face, and pillows cushions. But the modularity is about more than convenience—it’s about patient comfort. Patients can sleep in whatever position they choose while using CPAP therapy. And that has a major impact on compliance.

“CPAP therapy is proven to be effective—when the patient uses it,” said Dave Lyman, Vice President of Respiratory and Sales for VGM & Associates. “The best way to keep patients compliant in their CPAP therapy is to make it comfortable. With DreamWear, Philips Respironics has done that.” 

dreamwearTo date, Philips Respironics has sold over 20 million masks and interchangeable cushions, but they haven’t been sitting on their laurels. They continue to add features and make improvements. They now offer the headgear with arms and have improved the nasal and gel pillows for more stability.

“Providers are in a unique position within a patient’s continuum of care. Often, they have more touchpoints with a patient than the physician.” Lyman said. “Providers have to be thinking about outcomes, and DreamWear makes it easy to find the configuration that’s just right for their patients.”

The DreamWear system is designed to simplify fitting and give patients the freedom to choose the cushion that works best for them. And it’s the only modular mask that offers all three cushion types on one frame.

“If you’re looking for a better fit and more comfort for your patient,” Lyman concluded, “DreamWear is the only way to go.”

About DreamWear

  • One frame, three cushion options for DreamWear
    • DreamWear is a great fit for sleep labs
  • Dedicated lab SKUs to cut down on waste
  • Amara View and DreamWear have proven themselves in the market since 2015
  • Award‐winning design
    • DreamWear Full 2018 iF Gold Award and HME Business 2018 New Product
  • Award (North America)
    • DreamWear Under the Nose 2016 iF Gold Award

To learn more, click here or contact your Philips Respironics rep.

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