Why VGM & Associates?

VGM & Associates is the nation’s largest and most comprehensive member service organization for post-acute care.

When you’re part of the VGM family, you are part of something bigger – a community that provides our members, with valuable connections, resources, education, services, and opportunities. You are with real people who understand what you do and connect you to custom solutions that help your unique business grow.


What VGM Members Say About Membership

"As part of VGM, I feel like I am part of something much larger. Something that’s hard to express in words. It is a community where I can access resources and advice for my business to thrive in a constantly changing environment, and, as a bonus, it is also a community of people I trust and consider my friends."

Colleen Hunter, Owner of Browing’s Pharmacy and Healthcare 

"VGM keeps you connected with the industry, provides good industry information, and has a myriad of tools accessible to help a provider grow and serve patients better."

David Siegel, CEO, Nation Wide Medical, Inc.