Online Programs

AMRG-Approved Education

If sending techs to an onsite training is not an option, U.S. Rehab provides an alternative with our online Tech Training programs. 

U.S. Rehab, working with the Assistive Mobility Repair Group (AMRG) and VGM Education, has created the Assistive Mobility Repair Training program, providing consistent and effective training for new and existing repair technicians. 

About Online Tech Training

Assistive Mobility Repair Training is entirely online and accessible 24/7, allowing for flexibility in completion. This program will have you mastering the intricacies of mobility aids, including scooters, manual and power wheelchairs, delve into the essential electronics, and learn the latest programming techniques.

It is AMRG-Approved Education, as it aligns with the requirement of AMRG Certification.

AMRG Certification

AMRG Assistive Mobility Technician Certification, awarded by the Assistive Mobility Repair Group (AMRG), recognizes a technician’s dedication to the betterment of the assistive mobility/CRT industry through the provision of quality service to the client and their equipment.

AMRG is an organization committed to establishing standards for assistive mobility and complex rehab repairs. Its mission is to set and maintain universal standards for assistive mobility and CRT repair technicians by collaborating with industry partners. 

Benefits of the AMRG Certification


Express dedication to the career with documented knowledge and skill of established standards for assistive mobility and complex rehab repairs and the ability to repair all mobility equipment in an accurate and timely fashion.


Can expect reduced costs through more accurate, timely repairs, limiting repeated service calls and transportation of equipment.


Manufacturers can have confidence with certified repair technicians who are bonded, accredited, and AMRG-certified, they will have less liability exposure on improper repairs.

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