On-Demand CEUs

U.S. Rehab is proud to offer on-demand CEUs for our U.S. Rehab members through VGM Education.

Telehealth Education Program

U.S. Rehab's Telehealth Education Program (TEP) provides the background of telehealth, ensuring compliance, when telehealth is appropriate, and how to accomplish the documentation requirements virtually.

The telehealth education program is made up of six video modules related to the application of telehealth for wheelchairs. In addition to a general overview of telehealth and compliance with telehealth, the modules will take you through considerations of telehealth with the various required documents for complex wheelchairs (face-to-face, LCMP wheelchair evaluation, ATP assessment, home assessment, etc.). 

[Webinar] Elevate YOUR Patients with Seat Elevation

As of May 16, 2023 date of service (date of delivery) the seat elevation is a covered benefit and is reimbursable under Medicare Part B as well as ALL Medicare Replacement Part C plans! However, as with all wheelchair accessories, the patient must meet the coverage criteria. Even when the patient qualifies for an accessory, getting it on paper (or electronically) with the details required for the payer to see the condition is critical for coverage. 

In this session, the instructors will dig into the coverage criteria and outline what is expected in the wheelchair evaluation to ensure those who qualify will receive this LIFE-CHANGING accessory.  Documentation requirements for new chairs with seat elevation and retrofitting existing chairs received prior to May 16, 2023, will be addressed as well. Register for this complimentary webinar and Elevate YOUR Patients with Seat Elevation!

Learning Objectives
1. Identify who qualifies for seat elevation 
2. Determine the required documentation for seat elevation on a new wheelchair 
3. Determine the required documentation for seat elevation (retrofitted) to an existing wheelchair.

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