Succession Planning Guide for Members Released

Published in Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapy on February 01, 2022

Succession PlanningWe are excited to release our latest member-exclusive resource, “Succession Planning: Identifying What Is Next for Your Business and How to Make It Happen.” Members may download this guide in the members-only portal on

The past few years have brought unique issues to us in the home healthcare marketplace. If you could say anything positive about the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated tough operational obstacles, it might be that it required a lot of businesses to get better at accepting and acting upon the need for change and planning for the future. Succession planning is one step in planning for the future.

This guide is a toolkit to assist in the initial planning steps and procedures to transfer ownership of a business. The guide is made up of four parts, including a detailed guide on how to start to identify what is best for your business, a succession planning template, steps to write a succession plan, suggested steps to take to purchase a home healthcare supplier, and considerations to take when determining if an Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP) is right for your business. Download this resource today!


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