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An Inside Look with Clint

A video series hosted by Clint Geffert that highlights services, key offerings, and other resources for VGM members.

Episode 10

Clint sat down with Cindy Diehl Yang, vice president of VGM Education, to discuss the robust offerings of online and live education opportunities through multiple healthcare segments by VGM Education. 
Inside Look with Clint, Episode 10 - VGM Education

Episode 9

Clint sat down with Sarah Conger, vice president of corporate projects with VGM, to discuss the 2021 VGM Heartland Conference coming up on September 13-15, 2021 and what attendees can expect at this year's event. 
Inside Look with Clint, Episode 9 - VGM Heartland

Episode 8

Clint sat down with John Gallagher, vice president of VGM Government, to discuss how VGM Government helps VGM members navigate the complexities of the legislative process and the importance of grassroots advocacy in the HME industry. 
Inside Look with Clint, Episode 8 - VGM Government

Episode 7

Clint sat down with Jeremy Stolz, president of VGM Fulfillment, to discuss all that VGM Fulfillment has to offer our members, including features like dynamic ordering, having multiple warehouses, accuracy, use of automation, and new programs. VGM Fulfillment continues to be a great solution to our provider partners and can help them not only save money, but also free them up to focus on serving their patients and customers. 
Inside Look with Clint, Episode 7 - VGM Fulfillment

Episode 6

Clint recently sat down with Wayne van Halem, President of The van Halem Group. Together, they discussed the variety of services that The van Halem Group provides to help customers navigate the complex regulatory issues related to submitting claims, responding to audits, and filing appeals.
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Inside Look with Clint, Episode 6 - The van Halem Group

Episode 5

Clint recently sat down with director of VGM Wound Care, Heather Trumm BSN, RN, CWON, to discuss VGM Wound Care and all of its offerings that VGM members can take advantage of to grow their wound care business, including an upcoming Diabetic Program.
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Inside Look with Clint, Episode 5 - VGM Wound Care

Episode 4

Clint talks with Rob Baumhover, Director of VGM Retail, to discuss how VGM Retail has been rewired to help your business remain profitable during and after the pandemic.
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Inside Look with Clint, Episode 4 - VGM Retail Rewired

Episode 3

Clint talks with Mark Higley about the importance of benchmarking.
Each year VGM partners with HME News to provide and then analyze an industry benchmark survey. The HME Tool Kit with the findings can be found at
Inside Look with Clint, Episode 3 - Benchmarking

Episode 2

Clint discusses VGM Market Data with Ryan Ball
VGM Market Data allows you access to the largest and comprehensive claims database in the country, which helps you put your money where the opportunity presents itself. 
For more information on VGM Market Data, contact Ryan Ball at [email protected]
Inside Look with Clint, Episode 2 - VGM Market Data

Episode 1

Clint sits down with Mike Reyhons from Strategic Imaging
For more information on Strategic Imaging, visit
Inside Look with Clint, Episode 1 - Strategic Imaging