Congratulations to Dan Casper, the 2020 VGM Sales Associate of the Year

Published in Member Communities on March 05, 2021

VGM & Associates is excited to announce that Dan Casper has won the VGM Sales Associate of the Year for 2020.

Dan Casper Award“Dan Casper is a great relationship builder that provides value and helps his members be successful,” said Dave Lyman, Senior VP of Sales. “He consistently hits his goals and strives to be the best.”

The VGM Sales Associate of the Year is awarded to the person on the Member Success Team who has seen new and existing membership and vendor growth in their territory, strong member retention, and has received positive feedback from members in their territory.

“It’s an honor to work for such a great organization, and with great people,” said Dan Casper. “We always have a solution for our members. I can always count on our experts at VGM.”

The VGM Sales Associate of the Year award has been awarded for many years in VGM & Associates. Past recipients include Jane Gordon in 2019 and Jay Kopriva in 2018.