Growing Your DME Business with Surgical Dressings

Published in Member Communities on February 23, 2023

Heather TrummBy Heather Trumm, Director of VGM Wound Care

Do you know what kind of wound care programs VGM provides that are included in your membership?

We have multiple guides that will help every DME partner that is doing wound care, whether they are in dressings, negative pressure, support surfaces, or compression. To describe what all is included in these guides, let me give you a sneak peek into the surgical dressings guide.   

First of all, if you’re curious about why your business should incorporate surgical dressings into your wound care program, check out my blog post, “Does VGM Have a Turnkey Program for Surgical Dressings? Yes We Do!”, which addresses many questions about surgical dressings. 

If you are still thinking about providing dressings, the surgical dressings guide can help you! It starts out by asking important questions before the process even begins. Are you already doing dressings? This guide is an excellent resource to remind you and your wound care team of the coverage criteria, definitions, and rules of all things related to surgical dressings. Also included in this guide are some documentation/order requirements and coding and billing tips from our experts that everyone loves to know about. 

This surgical dressings guide is just the beginning. VGM Wound Care is always looking for resources and solutions to help your DME business develop and grow your wound care program. For more information about our wound care program, please contact me at


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