A Note from the VP, Jim Greatorex: October 2023

Published in Home Modifications on October 25, 2023

Jim GreatorexBy Jim Greatorex, VP, VGM Live at Home

Purpose is an interesting concept to think about, especially when one is looking at their own purpose. I believe that everyone has a purpose that goes hand-in-hand with your “born-with” talents. I think we all have that moment in life where we come across some task or skill that we undertake and feel like we were born to do this. Tom Brady was born to be a quarterback. Denzel Washington was born to be an actor. They realized their purpose and by utilizing their natural gifts and working hard, they have become one of the best at their profession and have a fulfilled life by doing something they are very good at. But they needed that breakthrough moment to know they were on the right path.

When I talk to many of our members, I hear that the reason that they got into this industry was because they had that moment in their life journey where they have discovered that this industry was their purpose. They have the skills to perform the work and the life experiences to realize the difference they can make in someone and their family’s lives. They have discovered a clear path that leads them to start a business or work in this industry. They get a fulfillment from this industry that continually fuels their purpose. Not every industry offers the customer touch that this does, and we hope all members take a moment to celebrate the difference they make with the projects they get to be involved with.

In San Antonio on Nov. 9-11, we will have the pleasure of being in a room of over 100 passionate, purpose-filled Live at Home members at our Building Opportunities Summit. I love that we will have 20 members and industry experts who volunteered to share their passion and expertise with their peers. I also love that the engagement and networking level will be very high because we all care about getting better and helping each other. We just want to express that we appreciate the support our members give to us and the industry, and that we share the passion you have. Working together, we can build an industry that’s profitable and makes a difference in the communities that we serve. It is a great honor to work along beside all you amazing people!

Our First Industry Survey!

I would like to have a nickel for every time I have been asked for some industry data. I would have a lot of nickels but, unfortunately, no data-based answers. Our answer has always been that we don’t have real data! The industry has been fractured and undefined, so it was difficult to understand what home modifications are and what they are not. However, we now feel that there is a definition of what a full-service home access company does and that we have a big enough market share in our membership that we could get some meaningful data with a survey with significant participation. We sent out a video request earlier this month that explains the survey and why we need you to participate. Data analysts will take your input and give us results that we can share that will help build key performance indicators (KPIs) and industry averages. We need 100 or more companies to participate. Please help us help you! Complete the survey here.

Spotlight on Two Building Opportunities Summit Sessions   

An Apprenticeship Program for Home Access – Hire and Retain Better Field Techs 

Darren Corcoran, COO of Vets Access and Cor Freedom, will share how they have put together, in collaboration with VGM Live at Home, an apprenticeship program. The best thing about the program is that it was put together as a model that could be utilized by other members in a turnkey package! This two-year program would be for field techs and is based on skills and knowledge from the carpentry field. He will explain why we as an industry need this and how it can build middle-class jobs for techs.

Workplace Safety Includes Mental Health 

This session will be presented by Bill Bohmbach, CEO, Home Healthsmith, and Nina Creech Sr., VP, Whole Home Innovation – People Working Cooperatively.

This will be a short presentation and interactive discussion on the employer’s role with mental health and their employees. Mental health is a growing concern in the workplace, and employers need to be aware of it and have an action plan for it.

There is a lot going on in the home access industry, and we are going to have an excellent group of home access company leaders on hand to discuss our opportunities and challenges. You can still join us! Registration will be open right up until the week of the conference. Click here to register

Our New Vendor

We are excited for Live at Home members to meet Tom Vardone from Dignity Lifts at the Building Opportunity Summit. He is a new vendor who has an unique toilet lift product. He is also a great marketer who needs companies willing to stock his product as he generates lots of interest through digital marketing. Many potential customers want to see the product first. Click here to read his latest article, "3 Things I Learned at AHCA/NCAL."

Members in the Media 

Our VGM Live at Home members have been recognized in the media!

Lastly, I made a great new friend when I met Janet Engel, an OT from the Atlanta area who has a home assessment business and social media presence. We had a great time talking about the home access industry on her "Home Designs for Life" podcast, "Safe at Home: Navigating the Future of Accessible Living with Jim Greatorex of VGM Live at Home."

It’s an honor to work with all our great members, and we hope you are off to a great start to your fourth quarter of 2023! Thanks for your membership.

Jim Greatorex 


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