A Letter From the President, Adam Miller: November 2023

Published in Orthotics & Prosthetics on November 15, 2023

Adam MillerBy Adam Miller, President, OPGA

I hope the last couple months have been successful for all of you as we close out a seemingly very quick 2023. As I look back on the year, I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to meet and spend time with so many great members, supplier partners, and stakeholders. After a whirlwind year, however, I definitely feel there was room to meet more members. My focus in 2024 will be to do just that; to learn more about you, visit you at your clinic, and discuss ways OPGA can help your business succeed. We are only as good as the feedback we get from you on how we can help. 

You will see messaging in the coming weeks and months of a redefined tagline or credo of sorts that better reflects what OPGA is all about – “OPGA - Savings. Solutions. Something Bigger.” OPGA’s mission has been, and will continue to be, to provide savings and solutions to help your business succeed. We accomplish that by working with supplier partners, manufacturers, etc. for SAVINGS in getting the best pricing we can for you as a member to help in making your business run profitably and efficiently. Whether that is from suppliers focused on O&P products or business/operations-centered services, we are continually working to partner with innovative and established supplier partners.  

We also accomplish this mission by providing various SOLUTIONS to help your practice in the form of complimentary education courses and access to various companies that provide services ranging from print and digital marketing, market data, variable data printing, and even helping with your business’ promotional items. 

The last part of OPGA’s updated philosophy is that we are all Part of Something Bigger. What does that mean, exactly, you may ask? I have been asked, “What do I get for being an OPGA member?” When you are an OPGA member, pay your monthly dues, and purchase from OPGA supplier partners, you naturally help yourself and your business. However, your dollar does so much more than you may have realized. 

OPGA depends on members’ dues and purchases from our supplier partners to support the O&P profession in numerous ways. Without your continued loyalty, we aren’t able to provide support to organizations such as the National Limb Loss Registry or AOPA’s Legislative Fly-In, where we contributed to political efforts and had meaningful discussions with legislators to further legislation such as the Medicare Patient Centered Care Act. Your support enables OPGA to support the Challenged Athletes Foundation, the Hood to Coast Race alongside Forrest Stump; numerous state, regional, and national advocacy groups such as NAAOP, the Breece Fellowship, AOPA, Academy, the Alliance, the Rocky Mountain Orthotic and Prosthetic Coalition, the Pennsylvania Orthotics and Prosthetics Society, and the NWAAOP Chapter – just to name a few. It further enables OPGA to partner with Össur to award two annual grants to honor Russell Walker and Todd Eagen, respectively, in supporting two up and coming leaders in O&P and their development, as well as highlighting the achievements of women in our field through the O&P Woman of the Year Award.  

OPGA recognizes that we are “Part of Something Bigger” by doing what we can, day in and day out, to help you as a business owner succeed in an ever-increasingly difficult business climate. For us, it is so much more than that as we will continue to invest in the O&P community, its stakeholders, and efforts across the country so you can do what you are the best in the world at – providing world class patient care. 

We can’t do any of it without you, so I want to end this with my sincere appreciation for your continued loyalty to OPGA and what you do for our profession and the patients you serve. 

We are all part of Something Bigger.

 Adam Miller

Adam Miller
President, OPGA


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