Compliance and Audit Protection

In the O&P profession, nothing is constant, especially when it comes to audits, reimbursement, and compliance requirements. OPGA offers its members access to the best audits and compliance resources available for O&P businesses, including The van Halem Group.

A service of VGM & Associates, the Van Halem Group provides audit and compliance support solutions to help you navigate the complex regulatory issues related to submitting claims, responding to audits, and filing appeals while avoiding violations of federal and state laws as well as other payer policies and requirements. The van Halem Group offers: 

  • Pre-Screen Review Program for OPGA members
  • Medicare Consulting and Auditing
  • Specialize in Compliance, Audits, Investigations, Medical Reviews, Appeals, Enrollment and Coding
  • Education and Training

To learn more about The van Halem Group, visit or contact them at 404-343-1815.