Market Data

VGM Market Data is exclusively available to OPGA members, and it is a great tool to help focus your marketing efforts towards high value referral sources and help identify physicians who send the most referrals to O&P facilities.  

VGM Market Data can help pinpoint referral opportunities and give your practice an edge over the competition. By gaining access to the largest national HCPCS claim database with referral information on more than 8 million practitioners and 1.2 billion claims, you will be able to find local physicians who perform amputations, rank physicians by volume of procedures/diagnoses, and list key physicians and providers in your area.

  • Market Data includes claims from all major payers, including Medicare, Medicaid and more than 700 payers.
  • Inclusive of 8 million health care practitioners and 1.2 billion claims.  Data available for any code billed to a payer. 
  • Volume targeting data available for prosthetics, orthotics, cranial orthoses, amputations, bracing, targeted physician diagnoses.

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