The First Quarterly Buyer's Guide Is Available Now

Published in Member Communities on February 15, 2021

VGMA Buyer's Guide Q1 2021VGM & Associates is excited to introduce our newest resource for members of VGM, U.S. Rehab, OPGA, Essentially Women, and VGM Live at Home, the Quarterly Buyer’s Guide. The first issue is available now.

The Quarterly Buyer’s Guide is your one consistent place to find the products and promotions that our vendor partners and VGM services offer for each quarter. Each issue will feature products and services specific to this quarter's seasonal disease states, industry events, trends, and quarterly planning.

Each issue is released in the first month of each new quarter and will feature products and services for the next quarter.  This first issue includes information for April, May and June 2021.

“I’m really excited for the new Quarterly Digital Buyer’s Guide. Our members now have a simple and consistent resource that includes opportunities for all of our membership communities in one place,” said Scott Owen, Senior VP of Contracting. “It’s not only convenient for our members, but provides exposure for our vendor partners to a larger audience, showcasing everything that VGM & Associates has to offer to all communities.”

As a member of any one of our communities, you are part of something bigger. The new Digital Buyer’s Guide helps showcase vendor partner and service opportunities that each of our communities provide.

If you have any questions about the offerings in the Quarterly Buyer’s Guide, please contact your Account Manager.

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