Home Modification

Services to Help Home Accessibility Providers do Business Better

Whether you are a Home Accessibility provider or looking to diversify your product line-up Accessible Home Improvement of America is the industry’s network of choice and your partner for success.

VGM Live At Home is a nationwide network of independently owned and operated, certified providers and contractors offering independent living solutions through quality products, services and modifications for the physically challenged and those wishing to age in place. Live At Home is dedicated to educating, certifying and connecting our network with business partners and revenue driving opportunities.

Certified Environmental Access Consultants

Environmental Access is the process of adapting the workplace, residence and/or general environment to promote independence, safety and functional ability of physically challenged and aging individuals. The C.E.A.C. certification was created to reduce the disparity in training and practice found among professionals who evaluate the environmental access needs of the aging-in-place and physically challenged, and to promote independence and empowerment among the physically challenged and elderly.

Aids to Daily Living Specialists Certification

The ADLS certification program is designed to assist the professional dealing in the retail environment of aids to daily living and home accessibility items. The distinctive ADLS credential reduces the disparity in training and knowledge found among professionals who evaluate and recommend solutions for the safety, comfort, and environmental access needs of aging and physically challenged individuals.

Comprehensive Networking Assistance

From product sales to installation, VGM Live At Home can connect you with the resources you need to complete your customer service cycle in order to obtain and grow sales.

  • Top rated vendor products
  • Business consultation
  • Library of business and funding resources
  • Installation services