Orthotic Prosthetic Group of America (OPGA) is the nation’s largest network of orthotic and prosthetic patient care facilities with more than 1,200 member locations. Members receive exclusive access to a comprehensive array of unique business solutions helping improve efficiencies, productivity, and profit.

For an edge over the competition, OPGA members can take advantage of audit protection, insurance and surety bonds, referral source data, webinars, practice management software, limb loss mobility management program, payer relations, and so much more.

Member Benefits

What OPGA Members Say About Membership

“The relationships we have formed through OPGA with like-minded O&P professionals have been incredibly valuable, both in terms of operations and finances. OPGA provides access to a wealth of data that we utilize in order to live out our mission, reaching as much of the amputee community as we possibly can.”

Keith Watson, CPO, Fourroux Prosthetics

“Speaking for AALOS Prosthetics and Orthotics and myself, an over 10-year membership relationship with OPGA and Point has given tremendous value at multiple levels throughout our patient care company. AALOS and our profession have gone through significant changes during that time. Our needs from the beginning have changed as we endured many challenges such as RAC audits and the need to stay on the cutting edge of technology, as well as legislative and regulatory reforms. OPGA/POINT has been with us each step of the way and adapted to the new challenges as they arise. The professional relationships that have been fostered over this time has been a rich and lasting benefit of membership that will continue for years to come. Ultimately, the people that we serve are the beneficiaries of this continual support and growth in this partnership with OPGA/POINT.”

Glenn Crumpton, LPO, AALOS Prosthetics & Orthotics