Progress of The DMERT Group

Published in Complex Rehab on March 13, 2020

The DMERT Group has been growing and evolving ever since its' creation in 2018 as a certification body for the DME and complex rehab technology industry.

The intention of the DMERT Group is to ensure quality standards for repair training, which will further strengthen the credibility of repair technicians. The leadership team of the DMERT Group all consist of key industry stakeholders that understand why this certification is a necessity in the industry. Leadership includes Matt MacPherson, Executive Director, as well as the following Executive Board members:

  • Dan Fedor (U.S. Rehab)
  • Julie Piriano (RESNA)
  • Greg Packer (U.S. Rehab)
  • Mark Schmeler (University of Pittsburgh)
  • Matt McPherson (FIOS DME Repair Training)
  • Steve Cranna (VGM Canada)
  • Tyler Mahncke (U.S. Rehab)
  • Don Clayback (NCART)

Along with the leadership team, key industry manufacturers have also provided their support for this group, including:

  • MK Battery
  • Pride
  • Permobil
  • Sunrise
  • Merits/Avid
  • Rifton
  • Ki Mobility
  • Motion Concepts
  • Innovation in Motion

The main reason for manufacturer support for this group is due the fact that certified repair techs who are bonded, accredited, and certified will have less liability exposure on improper repairs. Manufacturers can have confidence that the technicians that go through this certification process are guaranteed to safely and accurately handle their equipment.

The DMERT Group offers three levels of training to accommodate the three training levels of the DMERT certification. To obtain each level certification, technicians must pass an online theory exam and in-person competency exam.

  • DMERT Level 1 is for techs repairing basic DME items like canes, crutches, walkers, scooters, standard Group 2 wheelchairs, beds, lift chairs and standard manual wheelchairs.
  • DMERT Level 2 is for techs repairing complex rehab manual and power wheelchairs and basic seating, and basic seating adjustments and installation.
  • DMERT Level 3 is for techs to be able to teach in community colleges or any other approved training venue.

To achieve DMERT Level 3 certification, repair techs who have already achieved Level 1 or Level 2 certification will take both an online theory exam and a live audited exam.

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