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[NRRTS Webinar] Analysis and Development of the FMA/UDS Mobility Registry

Event Details

Date Wednesday, November 10, 2021
Time 10:00am - 11:00am

Greg Packer, President of U.S. Rehab, will present this course to provide current information on general outcomes through the FMA. This course gives the principles and applications for utilizing the tool in the current working environment with complex rehab technology users. It will also show current data and performance of how users are tracked and monitored for specific types of outcomes like wounds, falls, and hospital remittance.

Learning Outcomes:

  • The participant will be able to identify 10 different ways data from the FMA/UDS mobility registry can be utilized.
  • The participant will be able to identify three iterations of the FMA/UDS tool.
  • The participant will be able to describe three benefits of utilizing the registry and one discrete analysis from the data set. 

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