New Revenue Opportunities with Custom Breast Prosthesis

Why Offer Custom Breast Prosthetics?

As businesses strive to increase their revenues, offering custom breast prostheses continues to emerge as an emerging market. Offering custom is a benefit for your customers as well as your business. For many women an off-the-shelf prosthetic that fits inside a pocketed mastectomy bra is the best option; however, there are limitations. Allowing women to choose the outcome that best meets their needs will be beneficial for the road to recovery and moving forward.

In our webinar series with Nikki Giamarino, CFm, Business Development Manager for American Breast Care, we dive into the world of custom breast prosthetics from various perspectives. We explore why businesses should offer custom options, examine the patient experience, discuss the economics involved, and share best practices. Whether you're contemplating offering custom options or already do, this webinar series is a must-attend event.

Custom Breast Prosthesis: Moving the Dial from No to Yes!

Recorded Tuesday, June 27 l 1 p.m. CT

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Custom Breast Prosthesis: The Patient Experience

Recorded Tuesday, July 18 l 1 p.m. CT

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Custom Breast Prosthesis: The Economics

Recorded Tuesday, Aug. 1 l 1 p.m. CT


Custom Breast Prosthesis: Best Practices

Recorded Tuesday, Aug. 22 l 1 p.m. CT


We encourage you to attend one or all of these webinars to discover how offering custom can benefit your business.

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Getting started with offering custom breast prosthetics has never been easier. And, now is the time to get started. Your patients will have met their deductibles in Q3 and Q4. Make sure they have all options available to them, whether that's off-the-shelf or custom. 

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The Economics of Custom Breast Prosthetics

American Breast Care EZ-ScanThe mastectomy market continues to grow; however, there is still a huge need for additional providers of post-mastectomy supplies. Once thought of as a loss leader, mastectomy can be a profit center in your business.

In years past, many post-mastectomy providers got out of the business due to falling reimbursement rates. However, Medicare and private insurance reimbursements have actually increased over the last 9 years at a rate of 15%.

In 1999, the L8035 code was developed for custom breast prosthetics. Custom breast prosthetics are a non-surgical breast reconstruction option that many women do not realize is an option. The custom breast prosthetic is the most significant innovation in the external breast prosthesis business in over 30 years.

With surgeries becoming more individualized and complex, the demand for customized prosthetics is higher than ever before. Custom breast prosthetics can be used in several different capacities, not just for women who have undergone a mastectomy. 

If you’re looking for a new revenue source, the post-mastectomy industry is a growing market with the advancement of custom breast prosthetics. With American Breast Care, custom breast prosthetics do not require you to carry an inventory and there are no upfront costs or minimums to join.

Let’s look at the numbers and how custom prosthetics can change your business.

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