Essentially Women: Your One-Stop Shop for Mastectomy and Post-Breast Cancer Business Support

As a provider serving women during an incredibly difficult time in their lives, you need the right products, services, and solutions to help support your mastectomy and post-breast cancer business. At Essentially Women, we're committed to providing you with the resources you need to best serve your clients.

From high-quality products to expert guidance and training, our solutions are designed to help you meet the unique needs of your patients and grow your business. With our extensive network of vendor partners and industry expertise, we offer unparalleled support for mastectomy fitters, boutique owners, and other women's health providers.

Don't let a lack of resources hold you back. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive solutions and take your mastectomy and post-breast cancer business to the next level.

Resupply Mailer Program

Each year, Essentially Women offers an end-of-the-year mailer program. This program is a great way for you to help your clients with their overall health. And it’s the perfect way to capture additional business and increase revenue.

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Each year, Essentially Women hosts Focus Conference, the leading conference on women’s health in the United States. Focus offers education (including CEUs for mastectomy fitter recertification), networking, and an exhibit hall tailored for your business.

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Mastectomy Fitter Certification and Training

If you're looking for training to prepare for the mastectomy fitter exam through either ABC or BOC, our Essentially Women vendor partners offer high-quality prerequisite training that's tailored to your needs. With their expert guidance, you'll gain the knowledge and skills required to excel in this growing field of women's health.

Whether you're looking for the pre-requisite training needed to sit for the mastectomy fitter exam, or your are a novice or experienced mastectomy fitter, their trainings cover all aspects of the certification process and beyond. By taking advantage of training opportunities, you'll have the confidence and expertise needed to provide exceptional care to your patients and enhance your professional development.

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