Meet your 2021 O&P Woman of the Year Finalists

Published in Orthotics & Prosthetics on August 19, 2021

OPGA received so many great submissions for this year’s O&P Woman of the Year. Congratulations to our finalists, Ashlie White, Director of Health Policy and Strategic Alliances with American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association (AOPA), Kelly Gies, CFO/COO and General Manager with Cornerstone Prosthetics & Orthotics, Founder of KG Simple Solutions, Megan Smith, Director of Education and Research, Certified Orthotist with Surestep (Dienen LLC), and Heidi McGlade, Director of Administration with NovaCare Prosthetics & Orthotics. 

Here’s what their nominators had to say about each of our finalists:

Ashlie White

Ashlie White“Ashlie has worked and contributed to O&P in a very diverse and progressive manner over the last (at least) 13 years. She has been involved in project development and operations of a privately owned O&P company in North Carolina and then moved on to share her knowledge and skillset with the rest of the nation through her involvement in advocacy and director roles with AOPA. I initially met Ashlie through a leadership conference and she immediately stood out above the crowd in her ability to educate, advocate, and voice opinions, even unpopular ones that still engage and encourage others to join in the conversation to work together for the good of our profession and our patients. She truly leads by example on a daily basis.”

Kelly Gies

Kelly Gies“Kelly has over 19 years of experience in the prosthetic and orthotic profession. Fourteen of these years have been spent as the general manager and COO of Cornerstone Prosthetics and Orthotics. Kelly's involvement in the prosthetic environment evolves and grows with each project she takes on. In addition to her work with Cornerstone P&O, she founded two companies to help support other P&O companies achieve their patient care goals via consulting services and billing services.

You'd think that was enough passion, but no, Kelly is also involved in the business management of a non-profit foundation, "Giving to Fly," which raises capital to send pediatric amputees and their families to various amputee camps that enable amputee children to meet other pediatric amputees and adult amputee mentors. This amazing non-profit helps children reach their full potential and reaffirm they are not alone in this journey.

Kelly is well received by her peers and subordinates. Staff who work with Kelly on a daily basis feel supported by her knowledge and motivated to make a difference in the lives of amputees. Staff who work under Kelly's supervision feel encouraged by Kelly's mentorship and willingness to share her expertise. Kelly is a leader every day by helping grow the next generation of leaders in her staff. She is great at turning a negative outcome into a teachable moment, truly solving problems, and turning those situations into a new process which saves future claim denials from reaching our patients.”

Megan Smith

Megan Smith“Megan has been working in orthotics & prosthetics since 2008 when she began a certificate program at Northwestern University. Working for Dienen LLC throughout her career, she has provided clinical care for Transcend O&P in Indianapolis as well as had the role of Director of Research and Education for Surestep. Megan is an innovator. She sees a problem then creates a solution. This drive for innovation has led to developing new approaches in pediatric orthotic management, developing new ways to create in person and online professional education courses, as well as helping create clinical documentation and tracking outcomes for Transcend O&P. Every day, Megan asks the question, “Why?  Why do we use this process?  Why do we use this orthosis?  Why do we create a professional development course like this?” Then she looks for an even better solution that will give us better outcomes.”

Heidi McGlade

Heidi McGlade“Heidi is the key cog in what makes NovaCare work. She has been with our POSI location for 20 years and in O&P prior to that in an administrative role.  Heidi is a valued member of our leadership team, manages the CBO and administrative staff, while also interacting with all of our practitioners. Heidi leads the charge for change and enhancement with OPIE that will not only benefit our clinics, but all OPIE members. Heidi is tireless, never says no to a task, is constantly on the phone training new staff, or fixing issues.She is a leader in every way, every day!”

The winner of this year’s O&P Woman of the Year will be announced September 21, 2021 during a virtual ceremony. Make sure to stay tuned to for details on how to watch!


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