Packer Perspective: Shining Under Pressure

Published in Complex Rehab on May 12, 2020

"A diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure." - Henry Kissinger

What a great way to start this Packer Perspective off, as this quote can make us all understand being a chunk of coal right now. We are also very well adapted in the current situation to make the diamond shine.

The complex rehab technologies industry has done a great job of taking care of critical needs of patients and personnel during this pandemic. We are definitely not out of the pressure stage, but we are very well versed in how to make our industry shine. The teams of members I have spoken to have taken the directives they had in place to handle difficult, disastrous situations and made them work. The disaster preparedness plans are paying off, and we are moving this industry forward while taking care of the population, who are most likely unable to take care of themselves without our assistance. Were all the plans perfect? No, but we as an industry have had to make some alterations and change on the fly. The country has had to make some tough, alternative decisions as well, so we are not alone.

Take a conversation I had a few weeks ago, where one of our great members had set up teams to review policies and procedures to make sure they were working to keep the business moving in the right direction in these tough times. They had to tweak the procedures with our current environment, but they were able to do this on the fly and keep their business moving forward. While some sites were closed and some were not accepting deliveries, they were able to modify how they do business and move forward at a fast pace.  

I have spoken to many of you over the last few months and those I have not spoken to, one of the associates at U.S. Rehab has. We have kept you informed about what is going on in the industry with our government relations team and our reimbursement team. We are here to make sure your questions are answered and are continuing to work to keep the information flowing from CMS, SBA, OIG, and other agencies that we are working with, alongside of NCART, AAHomecare, NRRTS, CTF, and RESNA, to keep all things in perspective and help where we are needed. You can be assured we are here every day working to make sure your questions are top priority and that we are getting answers to pass along so you stay as informed as you can in this very trying time.

U.S. Rehab is working to keep the independent provider, the true backbone of this industry, on the move forward. We are seeing new people getting into the business, as well as seeing a great deal of growth by the independent providers in the market. We must stick together and fight to keep small business with local control and local efforts in the market of today. It is you who have kept repairs flowing and equipment needs met while the world has been in this troubled time. It is the backbone of America and what you as true entrepreneurs have done for the life of your business, and we will keep moving forward while taking care of those who need our services and support. Please let us here at U.S. Rehab know if you feel you are not shining as we know you are with all the information we see each day from patients using the FMA and other tools. It is the independent provider who truly cares about patient interaction and care. For this, we at VGM and U.S. Rehab thank you for your hard work and efforts to keep the United States one of the best places to live, work, and prosper.

Thank you again.

Greg Packer
President, U.S. Rehab
[email protected]
(800) 987-7342

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