Complex Rehab

U.S. Rehab offers a collection of solutions and services for complex rehab providers.

Education and Training

Comprehensive and quality educational courses allow your staff members to learn the skills and techniques required to provide the best care and service possible.

  • Assistive Technology Training
  • Tech Training
  • Seating and Mobility Master Program
  • Reimbursement Master Program
  • Academy of Advanced Rehab Education

Exclusive pricing and discounts

Contracts secured with the best manufacturers and vendors in the industry offering exclusive pricing and discounts specific to this program.

Clinical and Reimbursement Consulting

Industry experts offering billing and reimbursement assistance, and educational development for Members.

Government and Regulatory Expertise

Regulatory threats and advocacy in all levels of government are critical for complex rehab providers.

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VGM National Repair Center

Wheelchair repair / Scooter repair


Van Halem