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HME Providers Must Be Heard in Congress

The HME Industry may be small, but we play an integral role in the lives of millions of Americans. CMS audits and competitive bidding policies are challenging HME businesses large and small, forcing patients to do without the products and services they need.

We’re here to help VGM Members navigate the complexities of the legislative process and regulatory rules with two goals in mind: first, you have freedom to do business and second, your voice is heard.

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Competitive Bidding Help

Mark Higley is an expert at navigating government rules and programs related to Competitive Bidding. He is driven to educate and assist our members through the Competitive Bidding process, providing the necessary resources and ensuring their best chance at making the proper bidding decisions. Whether you choose to bid as an individual provider, join a network, or take advantage of subcontracting options, VGM NCB Services has the tools you need.

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Partnering with Patients and National Advocacy Groups to Tell the HME Story

Engaging patients, caregivers and advocacy organizations to take part in battles to protect the HME industry is the top priority of People for Quality Care. A non-partisan advocacy organization, they are working to ensure that HME remains a critical part of the heath care continuum. They do this by sharing the stories of real people affect by inefficient health care policies with Congress and partnering with national non-profit organizations, such as the COPD Foundation and the American Academy of Family Physicians. 

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We Commend the Work of State Associations and Seek to Support Them in Every Way

VGM believes state associations play an integral role in the health of our industry. We make every effort to provide resources and speakers to seasonal conferences throughout the country. Many of our VGM associates serve on the board of directors of their regional state association, proudly working to improve provider engagement, educational opportunities and the strength of state associations in their states.

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VGM associates serving as board members.

    • Derek Etjen
    • Wisconsin Association of Medical Equipment Suppliers
    • Gil McCall
    • South Carolina Medical Equipment Services Association
      North Carolina Medical Association for Medical Equipment Services
      Virginia Association of Durable Medical Equipment Companies
    • Dan Casper
    • Pennsylvania Association of Medical Suppliers
    • Dave Lyman
    • Ohio Association of Medical Equipment Services
    • Ronda Buhrmester
    • Great Lakes Home Medical Services Association
    • John Gallagher
    • Home Medical Equipment and Services Association of New England
      Association for Tennessee Home Oxygen & Medical Equipment Services
      Big Sky Association for Medical Equipment Suppliers
      Pacific Association of Medical Equipment Services
      Jersey Association of Medical Equipment Services

To access contact information about your state association, visit the State Association page.