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VGM Government Relations makes sure VGM members' voices are heard from their own backyards to the steps of Congress

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Make Sure You Get Paid

Making sure you get paid is one of the most important parts of your business. Our payer relations experts help navigate complicated billing and reimbursement guidelines including Medicare, Medicaid and private payers. 

Ronda Buhrmester is here for our members to keep tabs on Medicare updates and answer reimbursement questions. If Medicare makes a change, she will let you know what the change is, how it affects you, and what you need to do differently so you can get paid.  

We connect our members directly to CMS. 

“I regularly attend DME, MAC, and NSC council meetings, CMS update meetings and ask Noridian and CGS for clarification on issues that we see coming from multiple members. I take your combined concerns to make sure reimbursement issues or questions are addressed,” says Buhrmester.

Your billing and reimbursement staff have some of the most important jobs in your company – requesting reimbursement and checking to make sure it got paid correctly. Our team focuses on reimbursement challenges and updates so you can focus on your business. 

Together we will make sure you get paid. 

Together We Will Make Sure You Get Paid

Help you Decide What is Next

Your business is your business and no matter what you are looking to ‘do next,’ VGM is here to help you. We provide business analysis, consulting, succession planning, business valuation services, and more as a part of your VGM & Associates membership for over 20 years.  

Together We Will

Face Challenges Head On.

This year has left many of us shaking our heads and wondering what the next year will bring. But even before the uncertainty of 2020, making sense of governmental changes, policy updates, reimbursement rates, competitive bidding, and budget neutrality...has been a challenge.

Good news. You aren't alone. As a VGM member, you get access to the experts on the VGM Government Relations team. Our team is here to help make sense of policies and provide clarity on how each issue affects your bottom line.

Our team is ALWAYS here to help guide you through whatever challenges you are facing. When COVID-19 first hit, our team was spending countless hours staying up to date on changes—from CMS and payer changes to policy and government stimulus programs. We were here to answer questions about how COVID-19 would affect businesses and what to expect with stimulus funding. And, we are here to tell the countless stories to our congressional leaders about the huge difference you make and the value of the work you do day in and day out.

But it doesn’t stop with COVID-19. Helping you is our most important job. Webinars, articles, presentations, boots on the ground, emails, text messages, phone calls, whatever it takes to make sure you understand the changes that will impact your business. As always, we are at your service.

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Together We Will Face Challenges Head On

Take Your Business to a Stronger Tomorrow.

Navigating government and policy change can be time consuming and confusing. You have access to tools and resources that will save you time and money simply by belonging to VGM.

There are thousands of health plans in the United States. During the current health pandemic, we been keeping tabs on them all to help keep our thousands of members updated. Our latest spreadsheet compiled more than 800 changes and put the updates in one easy place.

To see the complete list of Healthcare Policy changes, click here.

Since mid-March, we have hosted more than 30 webinars for over 4500 VGM members and other industry professionals to educate them on reimbursement and government payment assistance programs.

Together we will keep you updated and help you make sense of exactly what you need to know to keep your business strong.

Together We Will Take Your Business to a Stronger Tomorrow

Continue to Make the HME Industry Strong.

"Together: Cooperative and surrounded by friends, together is never alone. Together is an adverb indicating when two or more people or things that are with each other—assembled in a group or united in goals."

United in goals. United in voice. United on industry issues.

TOGETHER, VGM Government Relations is united with YOU. TOGETHER, WE WILL continue to make the HME industry strong. TOGETHER, WE WILL help your business grow. TOGETHER, WE WILL support industry issues.

VGM Government Relations is has always been, and will continue to be here for YOU. Make sure you are getting the latest news by signing up for the blog. 

Together We Will Continue to Make the HME Industry Strong

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